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At TalenAlexander, we are blessed to be spending each day creating, designing, writing, and strategizing with a team of passionate and talented communicators and creatives. Whether it’s a fresh website design or an entirely new brand identity, we can ensure that our groundbreaking, industry-proven tactics and techniques will build your business and elevate your brand visibility. TalenAlexander is your Charlotte ad agency that truly partners with you to provide full-brand support with customized solutions designed for maximum impact.


At TalenAlexander marketing agency, we believe that by combining a unique partnership with others, a collaborative work culture, and igniting our own passion for creativity, anything is possible. Our culture is a little different. We empower our partners to think big, communicate boldly, and say what they feel. That’s how we can deliver killer concepts, because we let creatives be creatives.



Think of us as your in-house Charlotte marketing agency with long-term loyalty. We’re old school meets new school, where performance-based return, support and strategy yield creative brilliance. Our business acumen is tailored to organizations looking to create explosions in their industry’s market by offering tier one brand management services. TalenAlexander takes pride in cultivating long lasting personal relationships and work with our clients as an extension of our tight-knit team.

If you’re looking for next-generation Charlotte branding agency, you’ve found the right place!


Innovative procurement solution for modern gaming and hospitality industry from one of the world’s largest casino entertainment companies and North America’s largest food procurement solutions provider.

TalenAlexander ad agency in Charlotte translated the company’s vision into gorgeous graphics, branding and a user-friendly website.

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Innovative procurement solution for modern gaming and hospitality industry from one of the world’s largest casino entertainment companies and North America’s largest food procurement solutions provider.

TalenAlexander translates the company’s vision into gorgeous graphics, branding and a user-friendly website.

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    The digital marketing company with experience

    For more than 15 years TalenAlexander has served our clients and community as their Charlotte digital marketing agency. In that time we have learned what works and how to adapt. Many a digital marketing company has come and gone but our track record of happy marketing clients has kept us successful and prosperous. Digital marketing holds all the same truths as traditional marketing but evolves faster and has a shorter shelf life. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt new platforms, integrate new apps and technologies into your sales funnel and convert sales with the next big thing and beyond.

    Choosing the right Charlotte web design company

    You already know your web design and choosing the right web design company to partner with is important. The value of a quality web design has an immediate impact on every visitor to your website. One Stanford study found that “Judgments on a company’s credibility are 75% based on the company’s website design.” TalenAlexander.com is a Charlotte web design company that has been working with brands in North Carolina and the Southeast for 15 years. At TA we stress creative, functional and easy to use designs that will have the greatest impact leaving your visitors with a positive image of your company. TalenAlexander has produced powerful and high converting website designs for companies across all industries and product types. Learning our clients images, helping to create the image they wish to be and putting it into a smooth sales flow is our goal.

    The marketing agency for all your needs

    A great deal of the web design process is creating a smooth flow that provides no pain points for our customers. Our origins as a Charlotte marketing agency and ad agency mean that we prioritize results in all our branding and designs. We understand the point of businesses is to be successful and make sales. If you are seeking a Charlotte ad agency for your Charlotte or Rock Hill based business that will create a site and marketing campaigns you can be proud of then let’s talk.

    How do I get into video marketing?

    Video marketing has become the most effective medium for messages that impact customers and your bottom line. Our local area Charlotte video marketing and production team will craft a message and creative content that will separate itself. Our video ad and content marketing teams will create ads that don’t feel like ads and your customers are excited to engage with and share. Creating video marketing ads and videos that work for you around the clock is what we do best.

    Need an app development company in Charlotte?

    Creating an app for your business feels like a buzz word to many business owners. Most business owners know exactly what they want the app to do and what a good app looks like but where to start is a mystery. Let our Charlotte application development team walk you through the entire process. Together we will plan you app to learn your goals, see the mock-ups, test the early versions and launch into use for your customers. Creating apps for Android and iOS for Charlotte businesses is one of our favorite and most satisfying projects. We would love to plan and build yours.

    What do you mean by “Charlotte Branding Agency” when other just call themselves “Charlotte marketing agencies?”

    Branding is your image, your credibility in the eyes of first time visitors and you company culture that makes you and your staff proud of what you produce. Branding represents a part of the marketing funnel as all these things affect you conversion rates and bottom line. According to Adobe.com “38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive”. This is the effect of branding and the feelings you brand gives to customers at every touch point. A Charlotte branding agency emphasizes this effect in every aspect of the process. Marketing campaigns, video campaigns, paid and organic SEO ad campaigns and every other point at which your customers discover your is where you want your brand to shine. Stop looking for a marketing agency or ad agency and start working with a brand agency that creates a consistent image across all you marketing and customer interactions.

    What areas does TalenAlexander serve?

    TalenAlexander has for over 15 years been a leading digital marketing agency and branding company serving the Carolinas. Born from local roots as a local community first Charlotte ad agency. Our clients and choice of partners has grown at the pace we felt was best for our company and in the directions that paired us with like minded companies. Keeping our clients close has provided us with the time to meet and learn about their brands. Knowing our clients is an advantage in the marketplace we give them. Many of our current marketing, branding and development clients are nationwide but most are still connected to our region of Rock Hill, Charlotte, Colombia, Greenville, Greensboro, Raleigh and Atlanta. The things that made us a good local agency have helped us retain our clients and the affect has kept us regional. TalenAlexander handles a number of large national clients but will always feel most at home launching successful endeavors at home connected to our Charlotte ad agency roots.

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