Stuffed With Work & Turkey

We should be so grounded for not doing our own homework during the past few weeks.(But we’ve been so busy! Excuses, Excuses…) How does that joke go- never trust the branding & marketing agency who has the outdated blog reel or the hairdresser with the bad hair style? Yep, something like that. So we are calling ourselves out; we’ve clearly slacked on posting here.

So what have we been up to and why haven’t we written more? Well, we’ve “only” just finished a total rebranding of a financial advisory firm, complete with a big client appreciation dinner celebration and reveal of the project:

TalenAlexander Team

That’s us- the core TA crew at the dinner event. Do we look happy and proud? We were and still are! We love working with Vertex Capital Advisors. They are some of the smartest, most current, and fun financial advisors around. (Yes, I said fun.) If there was a medal of honor for taking the otherwise stressful and intimidating subject of finances/retirement planning and making it not only completely comfortable, but enjoyable- partners Michael, Ross, & Lynn would be the winners by a landslide. More Vertex project reveals to come here, so stay tuned!

What other buckets do we have our working hands in right now?