27 10, 2015

The Business of Branding Yourself

By |October 27th, 2015|Industry News|

The Business of Branding Yourself We talk a great deal about branding for our clients at TalenAlexander, but one aspect of branding we’ve yet to discuss with you is, personal branding. Branding on a business-level is common, but today branding is becoming just as important on a personal level. After all, you might [...]

6 10, 2015

A Foray Into Nike’s Advertising: Marketing v. Branding

By |October 6th, 2015|Industry News|

A Foray Into Nike's Advertising: Marketing v. Branding “Just Do It.” I’m sure you’re familiar with this phrase and upon reading it, had an immediate association with the athletic apparel brand, Nike. For over 50 years the sportswear company has created global campaigns and co-branding partnerships with elite athletes in every sport from track [...]

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