What You Can Learn From These 4 Brands Killing it on Social Media

American best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and marketing guru Seth Godin perfectly captives the importance of a company’s social media presence writing, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”

While just about every individual utilizes some platform of social media, every large and successful corporation understands the strategic importance of doing the same. Media has become an avenue of constant communication and connection with the rest of the world. What better way to promote a business, product, or person than on a worldwide stage? Godin, speaks to the monumental aspect of storytelling in social media marketing. As relationship- oriented people, the influence of connecting and sharing your organization with the public cannot be emphasized enough.

Social media has become the stage upon which corporations’ stories can be told and repeated around the world. So the next question is: How do you strategically share your company’s stories to generate a greater following and audience? The best way to learn is through experience, so let’s start by looking at what other businesses’ have done successfully.

Adidas on Instagram

Remember how the teacher always said doing your homework would pay off? Well, Adidas has done their homework. They now have 18.4 million followers on Instagram and have recently been posting a slew of mainly female products. Research shows that 68% of Instagram users are female and as a result Adidas is catering towards that majority.

It is important to put in the research when creating a strategy to make sure your brand is catering toward the most lucrative and targeted audience. In doing so, your sales, following, and likes could skyrocket just by simply paying attention to your most frequent and likely customer.

Nike on Facebook

An inspirational brand that aims to uplift its customers continues its impressive ranking in the world of social media. With a well-known yet simple logo of the “swoosh,” it is easy to recognize Nike’s footprint. The brand’s Facebook account has almost 30 million likes and a similar number of followers. They have successfully mainstreamed all of their social media accounts, making it easy to follow the brand across its various media platforms.

Take the official Nike Facebook page for example. With a link to its Instagram account on the homepage, the customer is able to access their most recent posts and content without needing an account of their own. Across all of their media platforms, Nike’s multiple videos, pictures, and motivational stories remind followers to care for their bodies, stay healthy, and “Just Do It.”

ASOS on Instagram

ASOS has recently added almost 1 million followers on its Instagram account, reaching a total of roughly 7 million. The brand has two accounts: one, which it uses as a formal marketing tool to reveal the latest sales and promotions. The other account is known as their “As Seen On Me” platform, which primarily uses customer-created content. This allows customers to upload pictures of themselves wearing the brand and effectively creating a second marketing platform similar to the concept of utilizing social media influencers.

ASOS then cleverly will post the photo and provide followers with the exact code for the items of the clothing being previewed in the photo. This marketing tactic is great for encouraging user participation as well as creating new content to show off product.

GoPro on Instagram and Facebook

With 9.5 million Facebook likes and 8 million Instagram followers, GoPro is definitely doing something right. Unlike many brands, GoPro’s media strategy relies on user-generated content. In order to gain user participation, the brand has made it easy for customers to send in videos and pictures taken while using the popular camera. GoPro users are incentivized to upload content as the most noteworthy submissions are awarded money and featured in media posts. By intentionally centering the brand’s marketing content around the customer, the product ends up selling and promoting itself.

What can we learn from these social media trends?

We hope these tips and tricks helped you understand how to do your research, create a media presence for your brand that resonates with people, and grow from there. Social media avenues can be tricky to navigate, but once you get the hang of it, the ride can be really rewarding for your business.

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