Visual ads rule the consumer market today. Everything from television to YouTube ads, to GIF’s on Vine and live broadcast’s on Periscope — our eyes process thousands of images daily. Considering the field of competition, how do you go about getting eyes attuned to your business’ product/service?

At TalenAlexander, we understand that video provides transparency into your work environment. While text falls flat in tone and audio lacks visual cues, video content has the ability to wholly capture your brand. We’ve put our branding services to the test, and will confidently create video content true to the spirit of your brand.

But we understand that visibility through visuals requires more than an artist’s eye. That’s why we monitor and analyze data across media outlets to determine when and where you should release video content. From storyboarding to post-production, our video service are equipped to handle all of your needs while offering comprehensive media packages.